MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

The Science Study Corner (G11G2) – MHIS Showcase


Assalamualaikum Everyone!
We are Group 2 from Grade 11, and we have Ranaa as the leader, then Risya as the vice leader and lastly Michelle as our member. For this PBL project we decided to make a Website called the “Science Study Corner”. Ranaa as the leader assigned different tasks for each group member.

So we ultimately decided to make the Science Study Corner which is a website filled with science topics from the Cambridge A Level Syllabus. The subjects included are Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The discussion will include arguments from the two characters Jake and Amy which will be done in three languages ; Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia and English. 

So we divided the project into three for each member to tackle. Ranaa did Biology, along with the argument in Bahasa Indonesia. Risya did Chemistry and the argument in english. Lastly, Michelle did Physics website as well as the mandarin argument. 


The difficulties faced in this PBL were different from our very first one. Starting from our time management, we ended up cramming the project in the last two weeks. Although, in this PBL, it did not include all subjects which were definitely easier to tackle, but the material was hard to combine. There were many learning objectives that were difficult to incorporate into the project, nonetheless we figured it out. 

The whole experience lasted for a month, and we were given time to work on our PBL during onsite sessions which was really helpful. We actually finished this project one day early which was such a relief. If we could give any tips, be more consistent with your work and use your time wisely. Overall, this has been a learning experience for all of us and could definitely improve on our future endeavours.

If you are interested in seeing our project, click here.

Written by Ranaa, Michelle and Risya

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