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We Spent Less Time on This Project and We Finished It (G9BG3)


Hi everyone! We’re from group 3, a group that consists of 4 people. Amanda Kirana as the group leader, there is also Kirana Azaya as the vice leader and two other members which is Muhammad Nabriez Althaf Thawil and Aditwitya Daffa Ekaputra.

Aren’t you curious about what project we’re doing? Of course it’s uncertain whether you’re curious or not. Well we just want to tell you guys about the project that we’re running. No, it can’t be called running anymore cause it’s already done. Well, so the project that we did is Documentary Film. Basically our Documentary Film is about motion pictures that interpret and shape factual material for purposes of entertainment and education. The content of the Documentary Film that we make contains Science, Religion, Bahasa Indonesia, English, PPKN, PE, Global Perspective, Math, Music, Mandarin and Arabic, also we act as if we’re some kind of tourist that is interested in the cultures of Bali.

This project is not as easy as you think, we had to make up our own script and make sure it has most of the subjects and the travelling to bali theme. And it has to match the scene depending on the concept, for example in the plane or when we arrived in bali. The recording is not that easy as well, we had to make sure it has good acting and make sure it can be connected to the next video clip. We also had to edit the video, like adding subtitles, connect and combine all the clips to make sure it matches as a full documentary film.

We also had some connection problems, for example less communication, and this caused us to take more time to do the project. It can get really annoying and struggling but we manage to handle it. This is why we decided to record individually, because we couldn’t find a perfect time to record together. Recording it individually was not easy, we had to cut the video every script, and at the end the editor would connect all the clips together to create the full video.

Well, that was our second experience of making a project of this extravagant size, last year we also had PBL that had the same difficulty. Honestly we though it was annoying to do this kind of hardcore project but it can’t be helped because we know that this an absolute project that is proposed directly by the school. Actually we all felt stressed but as time went on, it all came to an end and we smoothly overcame the difficulties with the four of us obviously.

After completing the PBL Documentary Film project, we realized that we had learned a lot from working on this project. We realize that we need a lot of perseverance to get satisfactory results. We also need a compact teamwork so that we can synchronize while working on our projects and it will be easier to complete our projects. We learn that as a leader to be patient when we work on projects, patience is the essence so that our emotions will not get out of control when things don’t go according to plan. After we finished the project, we realized that leadership is not as easy as he thought, we learned that underestimating something that is not yet clear is a bad thing.

For the student that’ll do a similar project like us in the future, we recommend finding a place that is fine and comfortable to use so that when you start recording yourself there will be no problem, the result will be smooth and you’ll feel less burdened when recording. Not like us, we have many issues regarding the recording process, hence it took a lot of our precious time. We also recommend making a schedule for completing the tasks of each member, recording, editing and submission so that you’ll not feel hesitant. We wish you all to do your best when the time comes, we believe those recommendations will come in use later on, believe us your beloved senior.

please check our vodcast below:

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