MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

How to Have A Healthy Family (G7AG3) – MHIS Showcase


Hi Everyone! This is group 3, we have Ghayda as the leader, Queena as the vice leader and other members are Alika and Danendra. For this PBL Project, our group did a vodcast about healthy family and healthy life and Ghayda as the leader of the group divided the task up to all members. Ghayda, the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each members, Ghayda was the one putting captions, Queena as the editor, danendra was the one writing the script, and Alika as the drawer.

First of all before everything went successfully, we checked the guidelines then after that we divide the task. It was a bit hard to pick the tasks and who will do which, Danendra and Alika wrote the most of the script, Ghayda helped with some grammars and we record ourselves after the script was fully completed, after we recorded ourselves Queena edited the video and merged all of them together. Queena uploaded it to the google drive so we all can see it. Next Alika puts her drawing inside the video, after that Ghayda puts the captions and uploaded it to youtube.

This project really had us stressed but it wasn’t as bad as the first PBL, good thing we managed to finish together even though we lacks of experiences and its very hard for us to cooperate with each other, we get to interact each other and talk to each other a lot. We were feeling awkward moments at first but we got used to it now. We were interacting a little well at the moment. In this project, we learned about how to interact or associate with other people, know how to limit our own time, and how to work with each other.

Grade 6 ,we suggest you guys to just be ready for your next grade, and be prepared to face this upcoming projects. This project also includes team work, you guys have to interact with you teammates so you’ll finish early. Work together to make this group work easier and first of all do NOT ever procrastinate your work. We made the exact same mistake as the first pbl, we kept on delaying stuff, and it led us to stress. Once your group is ready you have to also be ready. You guys can do it! We believe in you πŸ™‚

This is our link to our vodcast project !! Please, have a look.

Written by Ghayda




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