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PBL Bali Travel Advertisement! (G9BG4) – MHIS Showcase

PBL Bali Travel Advertisement! (G9BG4)

Hello everyone,

Assalamualaikum! This is group 4, we have Gyan as the leader, A.Rafi as the vice leader, Fatima and M.Rafi as our members. For this PBL project, we did a travel advertisement about Bali. Basically advertising about all kinds of places that are in Bali. Gyan divided all the tasks to each member of the group, Gyan was in charge of creating the script, M.Rafi was in charge to help Gyan with the script, A.Rafi helped making the small PBL poster and Fatima was in charge of doing the planning and editing of the video.

Gyan and everyone else read the entire guidelines about the travel advertisement project, everyone had their own jobs to make the project a lot more easier and faster to do. There were some miscommunications here and there but we got the job done in the end.

This was our 2nd time doing PBL, this one is way different than the previous PBL. We learned on how to manage our time more well, communicate well with each other as well. The experience Gyan got from doing this PBL is definitely something Gyan can learn from. Other members definitely learned a lot of things doing this PBL.

Written by: Gyan (Leader)
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