MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

The Holicast, The Holiday Vodcast! (G9BG2) – MHIS Showcase

The Holicast, The Holiday Vodcast! (G9BG2)


In this PBL project, we decided to pick ‘Argumentative Vodcast’. We are glad that we started this project earlier, we can’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t. Anaya and Hanif started on the script while Kyla searched for the materials to write about. Garsyad had the most lines in the video.

In our vodcast, we talk about the topic, ‘Holiday’. We explained parts of our desired holiday with school subjects. You’ll know what we mean when you watch our video.

While making this project, we had some obstacles. Communication was one of them. However, we have learned that it was the main and most important thing in a group. If you don’t communicate with each other, then the work you are doing will get nowhere. We are glad that we’ve solved this problem. Another major obstacle of this project was time. Even though we started early we do have other important things to do, like homework! Fortunately, everyone was eager to continue doing the project after school.

We had fun making this project together, it was another new experience. We hope that you will learn and enjoy our vodcast. Thank You!

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