MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Twins-venture (G8BG1) – MHIS Showcase

“Aether has awoken from a nap and finds that the day might be boring so he decided to spend it travelling with his sister! A certain friend of theirs also joined their adventure! They are experienced with the languages around the world and decided to help out when the twins do not understand the language.”

-A Genshin Impact short film- 

This project is proudly present to you by Tarin, Luna, Naura, and Alta.

Article written by: Tarin (leader)

This is group 5, we have Tarin as the leader, Luna as the vice leader and other members are Alta and Naura. For this PBL Project, our group did a short film about travelling across the world of Teyvat. A fantasy world that its nations represents the nations in real life, Teyvat is the world in the game Genshin Impact. During our discussion, we provided tasks for each member;

Here is the job distribution:

  • Tarin is the editor of the short film,
  • Luna is the author of the film,
  • Naura is the animator of the film,
  • and Alta is the cameraman.

First we read the guidelines, then discussed with each other about what we’re good at and which task is perfect for us. 

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year. During this project, we had to call while playing the game and had to brainstorm on how to record the screen while picking up the voice in the call. In the end, we ended up separating the voice lines and the game. Though it was challenging, the members had fun communicating with each other and playing the game together. 

Film summary

!! All characters belong to Mihoyo !!

The first nation he went to is Monstadt (Germany) since his sister is usually somewhere around there with her friend Amber. And just as expected, she was with Amber at the villa talking about a new method she found that helped her improve her stamina.

Aether decided to hop into the conversation and wanted to join them in trying the new method. They headed to a watchtower in Stormbearer mountain and started the training from there. Soon enough, Amber showed the method. Though it turns out the method is for those who use bows, Aether and Lumine don’t use bows. So they did another method, plunging from on top of the tower.

When they were done, Amber left as she thought the twins were busy. Aether then tells Lumine his plans for today, and out of nowhere a guy called Venti fell from the sky asking if he could join the trip as he understood all the languages in Teyvat and offered them help in case they did not understand the languages. Though, there was more to it. He also wanted to see his old friends from Liyue.

-They 3 then traveled together to Liyue (China)-

When they arrived, Venti seemed to be gone. They didn’t know where he went and decided to go on with their trip. And coincidentally, they meet Venti’s old friend also known as Zhongli. The twins then chat with him and tell him that Venti is looking for him. 

They then went on with their trip and decided to visit their old friend Xiangling who owns a restaurant. On the way there, Lumine asks Aether about the amount of commissions they got in a week. 

Out of nowhere when the twins arrive at the restaurant, Xiangling appears out of nowhere falling from the sky. Xiangling isn’t very fluent in English so Aether and Lumine had to guess what she was saying in Mandarin but of course they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the conversation if they kept guessing. 

And as promised, Venti would help the twins when they needed help with speaking the languages. He then hopped right in the conversation and explained to the twins what Xiangling needs.

Xiangling asked the twins if they wanted to help her ask Xingqiu and Yanfei what their favorite color is for a new dish she is making for her restaurant. The 3 then went to the library as Xingqiu and Yanfei are known to be really interested in reading non-fiction books. 

When they arrived at the library, Xingqiu and Yanfei were discussing the difference between fiction and nonfiction books as they were also reading books about God.  The twins were confused since they were speaking in Arabic, Venti then explained what they were talking about. 

Once Venti explained to them, Lumine was interested in the topic they were discussing and asked Xingqiu to explain furthermore about the book. As they were too deep into the conversation, the twins almost forgot the point of them going there. Aether then asked the 2 what their favorite color is, Xingqiu said cyan and Yanfei said pink.

They got the information that they needed already, and so they went back to the restaurant to meet up with Xiangling. They explained to her about Xingqiu and Yanfei’s answers. Xiangling then gave the 3 glass waters as an appreciation gift for helping her.

Aether and Venti then realize how the light is refracting from the glass water, Lumine then proceeds to tell them about how that is happening and explains what is refraction.

After they were done with the drinks they decided to head to Inazuma (Japan) next.

– The 3 went to the dock to meet up with Beidou-

Because Inazuma (Japan) is far away from most nations, to go there you must take a boat. Beidou is a pirate captain and is known for being able to sail the dark sea to Inazuma. 

The twins asked if Beidou could help them cross from Liyue to Inazuma. Unfortunately during a trip, the ship had holes in them and sank. Many sailors were injured and were taken care of in Baizhus pharmacy. Many people also helped by donating to them. 

Though the twins didn’t manage to revisit all the nations, they had fun learning about many new things. Next time, maybe the twins can visit the nations again.

-Here is the result of the short film ! –


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