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MHIS Showcase

The Presence of Light Affect Our Lives – Grade 2 STEAM FAIR 2022 – MHIS Showcase

The Presence of Light Affect Our Lives – Grade 2 STEAM FAIR 2022

STEAM Fair is our yearly event where students showcase their creativity and apply Science for practical purposes. The students and the teachers both participated in that Fair that was held online through Zoom Meeting. The aim to organize a STEAM Fair was to give knowledge to the students and develop their interest to research further than they learned from books. The students of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School celebrated the STEAM Fair for two days on Wednesday 9th February 2022 and Thursday 10th February 2022. 

On Day 1,  Primary 2 students conduct STEAM Quiz Bee and Live Experiments in which the students have hands-on learning experience. The Quiz Bee consisted of Science and Math and the Live STEAM Experiment was making DIY puppet shows about How Shadows Formed. 

On Day 2,  Grade 2 students showcased their project for the STEAM Fair event with the theme “ Bridging the Gap Between Online and Onsite Learning Through STEAM” to find out the answer of “How does the Presence of Light Impact our Life?” students explored the answer to  this question  by coming up with any  project they are interested in. There were many projects showcased at the Fair. They were made by the students with the help and guidance of the teacher. All the projects were fascinating. There were experiments,arts and design, vlog, presentation and coding projects. 

That was an amazing and informative fair for Grade 2 students as well as other grades who watched the project videos on Culmination Day. The STEAM Fair is a source to increase knowledge and interest in the field of science.

Grade 2A Compilation Video Link :

Grade 2B Compilation Video Link:

Below are the best project videos:

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