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MHIS Showcase

Steve Jobs : Life And Legacy (G10G1) – MHIS Showcase

Hey everyone!

This is group 1, we have Shabrina as the leader, Rania as the vice leader and the other members are Fardan, Daus, and Irsyad. For this PBL project, our group did a documentary video and Shabrina as the leader of the group divided all the tasks among all members.

We decided to make a documentary video about Steve Jobs.

Shabrina, as the leader of the group, decided on the tasks and roles for each member. Rania is in charge of finalizing the script and helped look for sources about Steve Jobs. Fardan is in charge of the Arabic part of the script and downloads the clips needed for the documentary video. Irsyad was in charge of creating the background music for the video using BandLab. Daus is in charge of the Arabic part of the script with Fardan and helped translate the script for the Bahasa subtitles. Shabrina was in charge of the editing of the video and drafting the article. 

First, we read the guidelines and learning objectives, then we discussed what we’re going to do and what tasks the members should do. I will focus more on the family background of Steve Jobs and the Macintosh launch. Rania focuses on the beginning and launching of Apple Inc. Daus focuses on Steve Jobs’ time in Atari, including his trip to India and he also focuses on the Arabic conversation. Fardan and Irsyad focus on the concerning health condition of Steve Jobs before he died. Fardan also focuses on the Arabic conversation with Firdaus talking about Steve Jobs.  

This was our second PBL and to be honest, it was really hard and difficult to finish at first since we were all tired and were piled up with our individual work. It was not until the last two weeks before the deadline where we rushed to finish the parts and start recording the narration to speed up the editing process. Shabrina just started editing the night before the deadline and finished on the day of the deadline. Nonetheless, the project is finished and we are pretty happy with the result we delivered and we hope that people who watched our documentary video will feel the same way as us. For the next PBL, we’re hoping that we can manage our time better so that we are able to finish the PBL without any bumpy roads or obstacles along the way. 

Here is our documentary video:

Written by: Shabrina, Rania, Fardan, Daus, and Irsyad


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