MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase



Hi everyone! we’re group 1 from G10 consisting of 2 members which are Izzie and Michelle.

We created a short movie about blood stereotypes and in the movie, we explain the differences, the probability, and how to find our own blood types from our parents. Michelle is the one who recorded and uploaded the video to youtube while Izzie’s the one who edited the video. We both worked together on the research paper, Michelle did the abstract and introduction while Izzie did the data, conclusion, and references. We found out that it is clearly very simple to find the probability of your blood type. Just like eye colour, our blood type is inherited from our parents. So this is our research result:

We also made the blood donors diagram:

The process of making the video was difficult because of the pandemic. We can’t meet each other directly to make the ‘short movie’ that we can only record stuff from zoom. Finding the right connection was hard too, we needed to restart a couple of times just because of the connection. But after all, from this project, we both learned that we shouldn’t give up easily and we have to try our best to make this project just like how we expected it to be. We named our short movie ‘The Zoom Call’ because we made it in zoom. We are not allowed to meet because of this pandemic most surely our zone was not that safe. We are in the red almost black zone so that we can’t force ourselves to meet. We sure made a lot of mistakes but from there we can always learn something new and we’ll always try our best. 

Looking forward to the next STEAM Fair!



  • wow what a great content you have,,, its very informative and complete..

  • I watched the video and found the topic super interesting. What a creative way to explain ^^

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    Wow that’s cool.

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    Bro that’s my friend!!! I’m so proud of you… keep up the good work

  • zashika / Reply

    goodluck for both of youuu👏👏👏👏

    • zashika / Reply

      so proud to be your friend 👏👏 you both did a great job!! keep it up 🤍🙇‍♀️

    • RiriHenry / Reply

      Hi u both.. Congrats 👏👏
      Glad to see ur video.. 👍👍
      I’am a proud mother 😘❤️

  • what a great video explanation 👍

  • what a good way of explanation 🤩so cool 🤩

  • I learned a lot from this video and your idea is really interesting 👍👍👍

  • hope u guys get a good score, because ur work is one of the best 👏👏 good luck guys!!!

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      Wooww so cool u guys.. 👍
      congrats.. 👏
      Give me five 🙌
      I’am very proud of u both 😘
      Keep on spirit !!

  • goodluck,,both of youu!! i learned a lot from this video🤩

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  • A very informative video regarding the topic, i’ve pleasantly enjoyed your little skits here and there 🙂 and your speeches are clear, hard work does pay off! goodluck friends

  • Riri YP / Reply

    Very interesting video 👍👍proud of u both 👏👏
    keep up your good work.. well done girls ❤️❤️😍😍

  • What a great video, I really enjoy watching it !

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    This is so Interesting.

  • Good job ⭐

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    Sis this is a great video. STAY SWAG #SWAGGERS🥵

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    that was good …. !!!!

  • Henry Saut Maruli / Reply

    that’s was cool girls 👍👍👍 perfect 👌👌👏👏.. proud of u both 👍👍

  • great job guys!!!!!

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