MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Reach Dream From Home (7AG4) – MHIS Showcase

Assalamwalaikum everyone

We are group 4!, We want to introduce ourselves first, hello i am the group leader my name is sheika, raisha is the vice leader and the other members are Nayla and Danendra and for this PBL we decided to write a short story about our point of view on online learning, we all gave each other a task to do to make this project faster.

step by step on how we made the project

firstly we decided on what we wanted to pick for the PBL we all agreed with writing a short story and then we all discussed what we want our PBL to be about we all agreed with writing about the corona virus situation, after discussing we moved on with writing the short story, we all worked hard for our short story and tried our best, after we all have finished the short story  we all took time correcting grammar mistakes, once we were done we decided to hold a google meet meeting for all of us so we could start working on our video, working on our video has to be  the most challenging part we had to work together and communicate with each other and finally we were done with our PBL before submitting we checked once to make sure there were no mistakes. As the group leader i must say that this project was indeed very challenging for us, this was our first time working together and we have noticed that this project acquires plenty of communicating and teamwork but and the end we have succeeded to finish and this was a very fun experience.

We hope u enjoy! and here is our short story.

check out our process!


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