MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Deep Into Qurban (9AG1) – MHIS Showcase

Hi everyone!

This is group 1, we have Diandra Fauziyyah as the leader, Farrel Athaya as the vice leader and Dyandra Ayodya as our member For this PBL Project, our group did Vodcast, or video podcast and Diandra as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.

We decided to make Vodcast, it is about Qurbani slaughtering and its benefits towards all the people around the world.

Diandra, as the leader of our group, decided on our roles and tasks for each member. After a long discussion with her group, Diandra finally started on the script, she also made their plannings, and handled her members’ work. Farrel will be on the video editing, and Dyandra will be on the music creation through BandLab. She also helped Diandra for making some part of the script and reviewing its grammar.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task, after understanding it well, we’re moving on to the planning document. We tried to make a connection between every subject. Diandra and Dyandra started to contact every single teacher (from each subject) to get their confirmation. After all being confirmed, Diandra started to move on to the script. After finishing the script, Diandra needs to confirm the script to all the teachers, again. Now all subjects had been confirmed, Diandra and Farrel scheduled their recording time. While waiting for the day, we also practicing the script by ourselves. After the recording was saved, Diandra directly instructed Farrel what to do on the video; cut all the wrong pronunciation, cut all the gaps, cut some dialogue that Diandra has highlighted differently on the script, make it creative and put Bahasa Indonesia subtitle on it. And finally, adds Dyandra’s Arabian music (made through BandLab) 

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year. Last year, we needed to make a video of what we’re making, the manuscript, poster, banner, and if you’re selling the product, you’ll need to make more than the sample. Compared to this year, this year was different. It’s either easier or harder. Even when we’re doing it online from home, the communication with one and others’ was harder, it’s hard for the leader to explain their project to have the same mindset, since we all had different perspectives and through this online situation. A lot of technical issues occured, and some other obstacles that we need to overcome. There was an obstacle that really made us all panic. It’s Farrel’s editor app suddenly deletes the subtitles from 17 minutes to 7 minutes. And it happened as well 7 hours before the deadline, the subtitles suddenly got deleted from 21 minutes to 15 minutes. And that 1 minute of subtitles can be done in 1 hour. So the leader asked the editor and the member to refresh their mind and to keep calm. And also to get a 30 minutes break and start to continue the project slowly. We finally overcome the obstacles and the final result has made the leader happy enough since knowing the editor’s hard effort, and we also learn much from doing the project.

Written by: Group 1 Diandra Fauziyyah (L), Farrel Athaya (VL), Dyandra Ayodya 9A

Come and watch our Vodcast!


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