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PBL G1 9B – Cook salmon fried rice and give it to underpriviledged people – MHIS Showcase

PBL G1 9B – Cook salmon fried rice and give it to underpriviledged people

Hi everyone!

This is group 4, we have Tarin as the leader and Raisha as the vice leader and the other members are Kay, Dimas and Shifa. For this PBL Project, our group did cooking and gave food to underprivileged people (homeless people, disabled people, etc.). Tarin, as the leader of the group, divided tasks among all members. Raisha as the vice leader helped the leader whenever. Dimas was the editor and helped with the cooking, Kay did the cooking, and Shifa also helped.

We decided to make salmon fried rice and give it to underprivileged people we find on the streets. The meaning and central subject of this project is “Menghargai sesama warga negara” by giving food to people who need it. By choosing this subject, we could tell a story and spread the word about how we, as people, should help one another and work together. Helping each other with the differences.

First, we read the guidelines then we divided the task, we decided to choose the “giving food to underprivileged people” program and we took the PPKN LO because it’s the easiest and is connected to the program that we chose.

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year because we were able to do the project on-site and face to face with our friends while last year we did the project online through zoom and chat and it was really hard to communicate with the members.

Tarin: Back then during online learning, it was definitely complicated to do PBL. We had to choose projects that are easy to display online which made the process of the project harder. But now that we are doing PBL offline, we get to chat face to face and get to discuss easier.

Raisha: I feel like doing PBL offline is really different compared to online PBL. During online PBL it was hard to communicate with our teammates and manage time in doing the project because of our limited time. But during this first offline PBL, I got to know my teammates very well and I enjoy doing the project. We’ve got to do this project face-to-face so it really strengthens our communication and chemistry.

Kay: I was honestly struggling to do PBL when it was still done online due to the limited time available. This is the first PBL project that is truly done together and offline, it is not only enjoyable but also strengthens friendships. We’ve also learned a lot from what we’ve done, including the fact that respecting one another isn’t difficult if we start with ourselves.

Dimas: This PBL was so fun even though it took a lot of time but it was worth it because it is my first time doing the PBL. It was amazing. We also get to know each other better and increase our team chemistry, I wish I could do more of the community involvement

Shifa: I really think this PBL was really fun. I don’t usually talk a lot in group projects, but this one made me feel really comfortable so I got to talk and have as much fun as the others. Compared to online PBL where there really isn’t any much interaction between the members, this was way more enjoyable.

Written by: Raisha, Tarin, Kay, Dimas and Shifa

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