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MHIS Showcase

Community Involvement (G10 Group 1) – MHIS Showcase

Community Involvement (G10 Group 1)



This is Group 1 from Grade 10. Our group consists of Syafieq as the leader, Rafi as the vice and Gandhi as a member. The goal of our group in community involvement is to clean up the environment so we did the exact same thing for PBL 1.


We decided to clean up litter for our PBL 1 project this year and for the place to clean up litter, we chose the field beside Mutiara Harapan Islamic School. As the leader, Syafieq gives Rafi and Gandhi on who will clean up what type of litter and who will document their findings, we even found an intact angklung! 


This is a very different experience from the previous community involvements or even PBLs because for the PBL, this is our first time doing it fully without the need of making a video and doing the project face-to-face with our classmates. For the community involvement part of the project, it was our first time doing it with other classmates without the supervision of teachers. 


In conclusion, this is a very fun experience and we cannot wait to complete the community involvement project and we hope to keep doing more of these PBLs in the future rather than last school year’s online PBL. If you want to pick a project in the next PBL, pick a project that’ll benefit you in one way or another.


That’s all from us, have a great day!


Written by: Syafieq Kamil Hakim, Muhammad Rafi Akbar, Muhammad Gandhi Chandran

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