MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Life in Eid Al-Adha in Covid (9AG4) – MHIS Showcase

Hi everyone!

This is group 4, we’re from grade 9A, my name is Nabilla as the leader, Jaezza as the vice leader and other members are Keiza and Zaki. For this PBL Project, our group did a documentary film. 

I’m the leader of our group, deciding on our roles and tasks for each member. We divided our tasks as a team, Jaezza, Nabilla and Keiza are doing the script and for editing is Zaki. 

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year. Our project this time took a long time, especially the editing part. Especially when editing there are some problems. We have to fit the video to add Indonesian subtitles. The part adding Indonesian text is the longest part when editing. We have to make music that fits the PBL theme this time. And after making music, we add the music to the video.

Our experience making this project is a mix of stressful and enjoyable, we all had our own difficulties, whether it’s the script writing and of course the editors, our editors had some problems while editing the video at night. 

“Zaki, while you were editing, was there a problem or not?” I asked.

“A little, like the editor being slow, and the video becoming buggy” he answered.

Our biggest challenge in this project was the story itself of the documentary, we had a tough discussion about the way the documentary will go on, also the first week we had some problems with communication. So it was a hell of a challenge to overcome in the first weeks.

How we overcame it, we talked through it and resolved it, after that we divided our roles and so on, the editors have our respect since the editing job is the heaviest job, eventually it all worked out in the end for us and we hope you all like our project.

After a long time, we finished our project. Here’s the final result of our PBL project.

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From this project, we learned that communication is important in group project. We need to be active in communicating, so there won’t be any members who are missing the information. And also we need to managed our time for completing the project, so it will not clash with other tasks.


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