MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Need Something Healthy? Read our Article! (8BG4) – MHIS Showcase

Hi everyone!

This is group 4, we have Alif as the leader, Tarin is the vice leader and other members are Naufal and Samantha. For this PBL Project, our group did an infographic and Alif as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.

We decided to make infographic, it is about vegetables.

Alif as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Tarin edited the video, naufal and samantha did the planning.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task, before that, we make a whatsapp group, then we discuss what project we should make. We decided to make an infographic, because we want to spread information. In this project we worked hard to make, from planning to making our video, also our struggles amongst our way of making this. 

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year. Last year there were only two subjects, which are English and ict, but now almost all subjects are involved in this pbl. Not only that, now there are many choices to choose for the project. 

What we learned in this pbl is time management, communication, collaboration and leadership. We also improve our skills on canva.

My recommendation for the students who do the similar project is manage your time, teamwork and collaboration, and communicate a lot.

Written by: alif and tarin

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