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How Do we Make our ”Short Story”? (7BG3) – MHIS Showcase

How Do we Make our ”Short Story”? (7BG3)

Hello everyone!

We are from group 3, we have our leader here is Khanis and our vice leader Abi, and our members Raheem and Shafira. In this Islamic Fair we are going to present our short story and video summarize based on what our leader Khanis has assigned us to work in few groups.

In our group there is Editing group who carries a task to edit video and story. We also have another group who carries the task to make a video and story the video that we made describing the whole process of the story making. Khanis as the leader of the group she incharge of the video. Abi as our vice leader he also made the video like Khanis, Raheem is incharge of making the story and upload the video on youtube. Shafira is also incharge of making the story like Raheem.

For the video we searched for some examples on the internet, then we made the plan first and started to combine all our ideas. Then we add some nature like forest, sea, mountains, and others for the intro of our video with some waves sounds and some nature sounds.

This is our first time doing the Islamic Fair project, it was a bit hard because it’s our first doing this big project so we had some hard time to understand the important points of the project, and we had some hard time communicating to each others, but we still finished our project by managing our time and discuss together and to communicate to each other. For this project it helps us to be more active in school and to get closer.

Written by : Abi, Khanis, Raheem, Shafira.

Please check out OUR SHORT STORY in BOOK CREATOR, also our video below:Β 


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