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What Did We Do to Make The “Short Film”? (8BG1) – MHIS Showcase

What Did We Do to Make The “Short Film”? (8BG1)

Hi everyone!

This is group 1. We have Rafi as the leader, Lynette as the vice leader and other members are Luna and Shifa. For this PBL Project, our group did Short film and Rafi, as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.

We decided to make Short film about health. It may not point out that much in the short film but we really tried to put it in because there were a lot of subjects we also needed to put in.

I’m Rafi, the leader of our group. I divided the tasks for the other members. I’m also the cameraman during the recording. Hi my name is lynette, and  I’m the vice leader.I helped in making the video and planning when we’ll have meetings for our project. My name is Shifa and I helped make the video! I’m Luna. I helped in making the script and the making of the background music.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task,Then we write Our Planning PBL for each subject, after that we write our script and decide our roles. After that we went to work immediately

This was our 2nd time doing the project and this year was different from last year. This year was more difficult than last year. We needed to work on it for hours and days just to add every single subject in the project. But during this year’s project, the most important part of the project is communication. Without communication no one would listen to what the others say for the project. We took a while on the script because we lost communication that time. But we kept moving on to the next part together and we made it in time.

Of course this project has many benefits to us, we learn so many new things such as how to collaborate ideas, how to have good communication and how to work together as a team. We really recommend this project to you guys because we really learned a lot from doing this and we recommend you to try it as well.

Written by:Rafi,Lynette,Luna and Shifa

Summary : For this PBL project we decided to make a short film about health.

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