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MHIS Showcase

Hydrotastic || Islamic Fair – MHIS Showcase

Hydrotastic || Islamic Fair

Assalamualaikum wr, wb.


Hi everyone!


This is group 1 from 7A. We have Malik as our leader, Aimee as the vice leader and other members are Aisha, Alya, Azira, Arfin, Naufal, Naya and Daniysa. For this PBL project’s topic, we did water pollution and Malik, as the leader of the group, divided the task to all members.

We decided to make a model of the cleaning machine that Malik envisioned, and Alya, and Azira drew. We also decided to interview a couple of people who were near the river.

This is a picture of that sketch that Alya and Azira drew:

This is a picture of a model that Malik did on an app called Blender:

This is a picture of the model that we made:

First we read the guidelines, then we divided the jobs. We all build parts of the real 3D model. Alya and Azira drew the picture that you can see above, Aisha is in charge of writing the E-Article, Arfin and Naufal were both in charge of interviewing the people near the river, Daniysa was the one who was mainly in charge of doing the Google Docs. 

This is our 1st time doing the Islamic fair, and we ran into some complicated things. But in the end, we all pulled through and finished the project.


Written by: Aisha

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