MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Grade 7b Group 3 – MHIS Showcase

Hi everyone!

This is group 3, and in this group, we have Najla as the leader, Bianca as the vice leader and the other members are Naja and Keisha. For this PBL Project, our group teaches mentally ill (ODGJ) people how important it is to maintain their hygiene and take care of their cleanliness properly. Najla as the leader of the group divided the task among all members.

We decided that we want to teach them mainly about the importance of hygiene, and how it can make a very positive impact on our society.

First, we read the guidelines, then we divide the task, Najla the Leader is in charge of playing the role of field coordinator in the observation place, the vice leader Bianca is the reporter, Keisha is in charge of documentation, and Naja is in charge of the 2nd reporter since in this project we need a lot of reports

  This was our 5th time doing the project and this year was different from last year. From the experience that we have in this PBL, we notice how important it is to take care of ourselves to have a healthier life and good hygiene which is very important. We also learned how to communicate with ODGJ and now we know what the differences are between ODGJ and normal people. 

by: Naja, Najla, Bianca, Keisha 

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