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Hey, let’s check out this cool Information about White Rhino! (7BG2) – MHIS Showcase

Hey, let’s check out this cool Information about White Rhino! (7BG2)

Hi everyone!

This is group 2, we have Adis as the leader,  Arfa as the vice leader and other members that are  Asha, Qin and Nasywa.  For this PBL Project, our group did Infographic and Adis as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.

We decided to make an Infographic. In the infographic we narrate an informative story about  White Rhino . The story is about an elementary school girl named Hannah,  who wants to do research for her school project. So she goes with her parents to an animal museum to do research on a topic she wants to know. In the middle of her research, she was very interested in the White Rhino, so she asked the museum guide to explain a little to her.

 Adis as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Adis wrote the video documentary script and helped create the infographic structure, Asha was assigned the task of finding templates and helping with the infographic creation, Qin’s task was to edit the video, while Arfa and Nasywa’s task were to help with the infographic, and everyone in the group made the reviewer.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task. We make plans and then we look for topics that will be used to make reviewers. Adis made a script for the documentary video. After all the videos were collected, Qin as the editor started editing the video then we started to make the story about the White Rhino. Arfa, Asha, Nasywa create a template that will be used for the infographic, then we move the content of the story into the infographic. Asha and Adis rechecked the infographic and added a few images to the infographic. 

This was our 1st project that we did in lower secondary, grade 7. This year’s project was different, because we did it online. By having this PBL project, we got so many things; We learnt how to make infographics, we also got more information about White Rhino (our topic). There are some difficulties that we faced, such as; Having a hard time to think and make up a story that has to be completed by all the subject’s objectives, some of the members have internet connection problems, hence we can’t do zoom meetings goodly. The cooperation of our members helped us overcome these challenges. Apart from getting wider knowledge and skills, the existence of this PBL project also allows us to get to know each other better through team work. 

For people out there who will be doing this Project Based Learning or other project, we have some tips and recommendations that hopefully can help ease your difficulties in doing the project. When you want to start making a project, we highly recommend you to make a reviewer and planning, because this really helps you to not forget important things for the project. If you did not know what is a reviewer and a planning, reviewer is where you write your story or draft for your project, and a planning is where you put things that you need to include in your project, you can also write the objectives and approval from the teachers in a planning. Moreover, we have some app recommendations for those of you who will be making an infographic. We use an app called Canva for making our infographic. We use Canva because it is really easy for us to find ideas or themes for the infographic, in canva they already have template examples for the infographic and we can also make our own room for our group, so that we can share the file and do the project together. With the purpose that we recommend you to use canva for making your infographic. 

Written by: Adis, Arfa, Asha, Nasywa, And Qin. 

Check our infographic and the summarizing video below!



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