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Group 7 STEM Fair Project Grade 8B – MHIS Showcase

Group 7 STEM Fair Project Grade 8B

Hi everyone! We are from Group 7. Our group consists of four members, namely: Zara as the leader, Kyla the vice leader, and last are Kiran and Amanda as the other members. So for our STEAM fair project, we decided to make a tutorial video to explain parallel circuits, ammeters and voltmeters, scale drawing, types of components that affect current, bearing, interpret graphs and many more! We used Google Slides to present our projects and it was easy to use.

The project that we did was a video tutorial. We decided to make the video tutorial similar to what the teachers do as they explain various materials to us. Basically, we screen shared our Google Slide, then we explained the whole material while recording.

In doing this project, of course, we needed cooperation. So we divided the tasks for each member so that it will be fair and easier for us. Here’s how we did it, each of us researched the materials that we presented. Zahra studied parallel circuits, Kirana researched the common types of components and how current divides in a parallel circuit. 

The process of our project that we’ve been through is actually really fun. At first, we discussed and decided which part of the materials that each of us wanted to search on the Internet. Second, we made a document in Google Docs for the materials that we all have collected. Third, we made a document in Google Slides to combine all of the materials into one presentation. Before doing the tutorial video, we discussed it first through a Zoom call. We decided what would be the technique in tutoring in the video. We also decided the time to record the video. Fourth, we recorded the video of us explaining the materials through a Zoom meeting. Kiran screen shared our Google Slides so it’ll be easier to explain the materials. Fifth, Amanda edited the video in a day, but there’s something left out, so Kyla added the subtitles to the video. Lastly, Zara uploaded the video to YouTube and we’re done! Enjoy the video!

Written by: Zara, Kyla, Kirana, and Amanda


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