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Group 1 STEM fair project Grade 8A – MHIS Showcase

Group 1 STEM fair project Grade 8A

Greetings everyone,

we’re from group one, and our group consists of 4 members. Allow me to introduce them all: first, it’s me, Keiza as our group leader, then we have Dinda as our vice leader, and last we have Una and Alea as the members. So basically, after a long discussion, we finally decided to make a tutorial video about Math and Science.

We wanted to change learning as a fun thing through a clear explanation in a tutorial video which consists of two different topics from math and science. Finally, the video has been published and you can check here on our school website!

Of course in our group, we need to cooperate with each other in order to make the project easier. Our roles in the group are each and every member will do individual research based on the assigned learning objectives, Keiza as our leader edited the video with the help from our vice leader Dinda. Moreover, Una and Alea as our members will explain their parts in the video.

Although making the video is easy but when it comes to editing the video, it is not as easy as it seems. In fact, we also had some fun while doing it. 

We gather all of the information from our research, we put it in google docs, after that we finalize the google docs, we will record ourselves when presenting our parts. the editor will edit the video and publish it to youtube and tadaa, it is done!.

Each of us has learnt a lot of things when we want to make the tutorial video, we understand about parallel circuit, bearing, and how to make a travel graph. Although there are a lot of obstacles due to the internet issues, in the end we can overcome them all. For the future project that will come, we hope that we can still do our best in making the project.

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written by: keiza, diandra, una, and alea






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