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Group 5 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8B – MHIS Showcase

Group 5 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8B

Hello everybody, this is the work of Group 5. Syafieq is the leader, Gyan is the Vice-leader, and Dafa and Marsya are the members. For our project, we composed a song with each group member having their own roles within the project.

The song that we created was about parallel circuits, how to measure voltage, bearings, how to measure scale drawings and a lot more. We also made a music video about it and in the music video, it included Syafieq, Gyan, Dafa and Marsya singing the song and playing instruments such as a keyboard and drums, all though Marsya playing the drums wasn’t shown in the video, the audio was in the music video.

Syafieq, as the leader, chose the songs and the type of project. Other than being the leader in the group, he was also the lead vocalist in both songs. Gyan as the vice-leader, wrote the lyrics, helped Syafieq when he’s busy or not feeling well. He also did the lead vocals in one of the songs. Dafa and Marsya added extra instruments and extra vocals into the song. Dafa added keyboard tracks and Marsya added the sound of drums.

Creating the song wasn’t that easy. We had to give roles to every member and we had to figure out the lyrics of the song too. We had to give deadlines to all members to complete their tasks. We had to do a lot of meetings to figure out how to create a good song. We also had to record our audios and videos which we had to do several retakes but in the end, we all submitted our audios and videos.

Our group has learned a lot of things throughout the whole month of composing the  song. We learned that we needed to manage our time well so we can finish the project early or submit it right on time. It’s a thrilling experience, to say the least even if we had ups and downs, we’re grateful that we managed to finish our project on time.

Written by: Syafieq, Gyan, Dafa, and Marsya


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