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Group 6 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8B – MHIS Showcase

Group 6 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8B

Good day! We are Group 6 (formerly Group 2) and that is our project during the celebration of the STEAM Fair. In our group, Zahwa Kharinnisa is the leader, Dyandra Ayodya is the vice leader, Fakhriza Zaki and Nabriez are the members. For this year’s STEAM Fair, we made a tutorial video. Everyone might learn from our STEAM Fair tutorial video several things, namely: how to interpret and draw simple parallel circuits, types of components, cells, current, how current divides in parallel circuits and many more! Do you still want to know more? Well, keep reading this article!Β 

Try to imagine! You can understand all the materials that we have mentioned. Yes, in our video we explained these materials in an interesting way so that everyone can understand. All members helped with editing the video and the script.

We have gone through a difficult process, but our good teamwork prevailed! So first, we discussed the material provided from the STEAM Fair guidelines. Then, we all studied the needed concepts. We typed all those things in a document that we have created. We practised everything after drafting our script. For a few days, we used Zoom to record our project. After creating the video, we edited it and we discussed it with the teachers who gave their suggestions before the leader uploaded it to Youtube. Then, we copied the Youtube link and finally, submitted the link through Google classroom.

In the context of an obvious solution for developing a strategic plan for future projects, we from Group 6 recommend prioritizing the project’s main objectives to maximize the gist of it. Secondly, manage the time by making a schedule where and when the group members will make the material, script, and video. Lastly, when you’ve finished completing the project, don’t forget to check again because there might still be materials that have not been included or that have not been completed.

Go watch our video! Your comments mean a lot to us.

Written by : Zahwa, Dyan, Nabriez and Riza.


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