MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Group 4 G10 : SDG 10 (Reducing inequality) – MHIS Showcase

Group 4 G10 : SDG 10 (Reducing inequality)

Hello adventurers! Are you looking for a special and unique way to learn about decreasing Inequalities? Take a look at our adventure featuring Naura as the Leader, Luneta as the Vice Leader, Abiyu, and Nara as the members.

How can we explore more about the inequalities in our global society? Meet the friendly companions we’ve met along the way, such as Paul and friends, where we talk about raising awareness and also hear about their experience as to how we can help.

What were our action plans? Our goal is to spread awareness of each disability and we also want to benefit people such as parents, students, and teachers to increase their knowledge about reducing inequalities. We also teach people in many ways how to support the community, like mentioning the conditions on how to obtain a fake leg, communicating in visual forms, and learning basic sign languages.

Organizing this project wasn’t as easy as we thought, as we went through multiple obstacles along the way, such as absent members, declined access to places, and time managing our schedules. The video making has to definitely be the most challenging overall, as it needed perfect timing and accurate editing. It wasn’t easy but we made memorable things happen in the process, lots of interviews, lessons, bloopers we shared as well as discussion.

(“PBL 4” , This was before our restless attempts to accurately practice our lines and acts in which we wanted to take a proper group photo together in memory of the hard work.)

Take a look at our documentation video where you get to see the behind-the-scenes and bloopers to our progress!

“I felt that this video was very entertaining to make and I felt very relieved and proud after the presentation.” – Abiyu

“I am very proud that we can show our presentation to our judges even though it was very stressful.” – Nara

“For our first PBL in G10, I say we really fought to our limits to make this project extraordinary. Job well done to us.” –Naura

“Although we had our struggles in the making of our PBL, I feel that for the first PBL in G10, this PBL was really well done.” -Luna

What can we learn from this? We learned that it’s possible to get things done in a group, to know our schedules, and to organize our plans instead of doing them at the last minute, and also to keep trying till the end.

We hope you enjoy our unique way of presenting our video and hope it inspires others too.


Naura: Editor, Script Writer, Cameraman, Interviewer

Luna: Editor, Documentor, Script Writer, Choreo maker for acting

Abiyu: Actor, Prop maker, Idea Provider

Nara: Documentor, Camera man, Prop maker << Our presentation LIVE

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