MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

PBL 1: Group 1 G10 (SDG 13 = CLIMATE CHANGE) – MHIS Showcase

PBL 1: Group 1 G10 (SDG 13 = CLIMATE CHANGE)

PBL Group 1 G10


This is group 1, we have Alika as the leader, Putra as the vice leader and the other member is Bunga. For this Language Fair, the main topic for the event was SDG or Sustainable development goals, and ours was Climate change.

We decided to make an informational video and a montage of us cleaning up an area in Tangerang Selatan, with a few friends. Our goal with this project is to help spread awareness about climate change and how it can affect our lives.

Our project

Alika, as the leader of our group, decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Alika made most of the script for the video and made the presentation slide for the fair. Our vice leader, Putra, helped shoot and edited the video, as well as helping with the script. Bunga, as a member, helped with cleaning up for the video and helped with the script too.

First we read the guidelines then we divided the tasks, Alika was mostly in charge of the script and anything document related, Bunga was in charge of the presentation slides and Putra was our editor for the video, though  we made the script together and we also shot the video in an area in Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan. During the shoot, Putra was the one who recorded our project and we had a few friends helping.


This was our first time doing a Language Fair this year, and we had to overcome a lot of problems in our group. During the process of this project, our leader, Alika, broke her leg and couldn’t come for the recording session, and there were changes that were made in the project guidelines that we had to quickly change to make it fit into the guidelines. There were also some slight communication issues between our members regarding our video, so we had to change some of the concepts and we decided on just making our video like a montage. Overall, this project was stressful and tiring, but in the end, we were satisfied with the end result and we had a good time.

Our thoughts on this project

Alika; “This project was very memorable and there was a lot of ups and down during the process, but it gave us a lot of lessons to learn for upcoming projects. It was also the very first PBL and it was very stressful and tiring.”

Putra; “With all the unexpected and unfortunate things that slowed us, we still tried to salvage this project and I think we did pretty good with that. After all life is roadblocks.”

Bunga; “In my opinion, during last month’s PBL it went very well but there were only accidents so it was quite difficult to communicate so the PBL didn’t go according to the idea at the beginning.”


Please enjoy our video underneath!

And here are some photos we took during the recording session!

In these pictures, we took a break at McDonalds and after that, we started doing our recording session which is cleaning up an area in Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan. The “cleaning-up” process took 2 hours but in the end, we managed to clean up most of the trash and litters around the area.

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Written by: Alika, Putra, Bunga

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