MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Group 1 PBL 1 – G11 – Reducing Inequalities – MHIS Showcase

Group 1 PBL 1 – G11 – Reducing Inequalities

Greetings everyone, we are the first group from the 11th grade of Mutiara Harapan! Our group consists of: Syafieq as the leader; M. Rafi as the vice leader and Kalista as a member.

With our group only consisting of three members, we were itching to find a way to combine all our creativity onto our first ever PBL project. It would be a lie if we said that we always had a clear goal in what we should do as we first chose to make an advertisement, and then a campaign video and finally, we settled on song composition.

In this PBL project, we experienced a ton of challenges such as finding spare time (and enough motivation) to write, record our voices and shoot the video, and many, many more. When writing the lyrics, we needed a lot of time. It took around two whole weeks to complete the lyrics properly and also revise the lyrics.

Recording the vocals isn’t really that time consuming compared to the rest of the things we did. It took a few takes from Rafi and Syafieq and the main vocals of the song are finished. In addition, we got the entire 11th grade (we only have seven students after all) to sing as a choir for the final chorus and we really appreciate the help.

 The timing to shoot the video isn’t as easy as you think, we must find the time that is suitable for all members to gather and shoot the video. Unfortunately, we all live far away from each other which causes us to only shoot the music video in school grounds.

Finally, the song is completed! What’s the title, you may ask? ‘Respect’, a song about respecting others and embracing the differences of mankind.

Want to hear our comments about this entire thing? Well here they are!

Syafieq: “Honestly, I tried to make the best of it. Not my proudest creation but I put genuine effort into the whole project and it turned out pretty good, so I am happy with that.”

Rafi: “Me as a member of this group feel glad that we can finish this project based on our expectations. I’m very proud of the result of our project that ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed our project. And one more thing is we all contribute well to this project.”

Kalista: ” I feel proud of our project because our project became the most sustainable project in Language Fair. And I’m glad we’re able to work together as a group. “


Anyways, it definitely is a memorable, albeit exhausting, experience for each and every one of us involved in making this project. 

That is all from us and do enjoy our song, ‘Respect’!



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