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Being Productive During Pandemic by Exploring New Hobby (G8AG2) – MHIS Showcase

Being Productive During Pandemic by Exploring New Hobby (G8AG2)


hello there everyone!

This is group 2, we have Zhafran as our leader, Freya as our vice leader and other members which are Alika and Lifi. For this PBL project our group decided make an Educational Vlog, Zhafran as the vice leader of the group divided task to all the members. 

Our educational vlog is about activities we discover during quarantine which turns into hobbies. Zhafran divided roles for the members, all the members created the script. Each of us got our own parts in the script. Zhafran did the intro, Alika did the global perspective and science, Lifi did the math, bahasa and hysical Education, moreover Freya did mandarin and arabic. For the planning, we are also took part in creating them. The editor and music creator was Freya.  

First we read the guidelines and pick our project, we decided to pick educational vlog after some discussion. We discussed through our pbl group chat and breakout room that the teacher provided us in some of their session. After we picked the project we decided to do the planning first, we each got at least two subject assigned for the planning. It took a while to finish the planning but thankfully we finished it on time even though there were some obstacles.

We decided to have a zoom meeting to discuss more for our project, here we’re still discussing planning. Then we moved on to the script. Script had more obstacles than we imagined because we struggled in finding the right words and mixed the subject all together. We finished the script in the right time even though it’s pretty close with the due. Afterwards we shoot our video through zoom meeting, now in here we had troubles in the recording part. The meet ended after we filmed, Lifi is the one who ended it and save the video. She then proceeded to send the video to Freya because Freya’s the editor.  When the video was done she uploaded it and Zhafran submitted it.

This is our 4th time doing the PBL, what makes this year different is that we have three PBL in one semester. Last year we have one each semester so we’re pretty shock after finding it out. This PBL is combined with language fair meanwhile before it’s Islamic fair. This year is more challenging because of our schedules. We’re all lack in communication, we also struggle in time management and to be honest we started making progress when it’s near the due. In the end, we are grateful that we can shoot, edit, upload and submit on time.

For the details of our project, please check the video below!

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