MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

A Short Motivational Video (G7AG1) – MHIS Showcase


Assalamualaikum everyone!

This is group 1 from Grade 7A. We have the leader, Athar. The vice-leader, Adya, and the members; Alvaro and Jenaya.

For this Language Fair, we decided to work on Short Motivational Ads (SMA). We quickly decided on it, because it was the shortest. That quick decision we made, we weren’t very happy with. SMA was a different version of difficult.

Before we move on further, I want to tell you some processes that we took to make it. Firstly, we decided on the roles, they weren’t set in stone, so the roles changed quite a bit. The roles were; Athar, as one of the Voice Actor (VA), Adya as the Main VA and also the recorder, Alvaro as the editor, and Jenaya as one of the VAs and the scriptwriter. Jenaya, wrote the script for us, then Adya revised it. When they finished finalizing the script, we recorded it with Athar, Adya, and Alvaro. After we finished recording, Alvaro edited it, and made it as a complete video.

Here’s the video I was talking about, we are proud of it! Making this project, was pretty entertaining though. It is the new version of happiness in learning!

In this PBL, I have learned to not make decisions purely because you think it’s the easiest one, because it might just be one of the hardest. Take any decision, as because you want to learn new things.

Written by: Group 1 7A

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  • Sangat bagus idenya menggunakan roblox, pesan menjadi menarik dan mudah dipahami utk sebayanya. Pesan moral motivasinya juga bagus, percaya bahwa jika kita memberi, Allah akan menggantinya kepada kita lebih banyak.
    Next mungkin lebih perlahan memotong scene dan mendubbingnya sehingga tidak tampak dan terdengar putus2 (ngelek).

    I really love and like the great idea using Roblox animated to bring the content of motivation. Good JOb Kiddos!!

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