MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Short film (G8BG1PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Hello, Assalamualaikum!

We’re from group 1! Our members are Aqila, Zahra, Tarin, Prima, And Luneta! Luneta as the leader,Villain and witch, Prima as the vice leader and Main character, Tarin as our editor, Zahra and Aqila as one of the characters in the video, Zahra as the gardener and Aqila as the Main character’s sister.

Our project for this year’s STEAM fair  is a short film. In the film, we made a character who played as an older brother whose journey started because he needed to find his sister, who was taken away by an evil villain. Throughout the journey, he met other companions and difficulties that he solved in the video. In each of the difficulties he encountered mentioned Science, ICT, and Math.

First we red and examined the guidelines as best as we could before discussing our project. After a while of reading, we decided that it’s best for us to do a short film. Luneta, as our group leader, gave each of us tasks and what to do. Luneta was in charge of the script with a little help from Tarin in the math part. After we finished the script, we practiced our voices to match with the characters. We took the clips a day after the script was finished and fixed a few paragraphs. Prima played as the Main character in the story, Zahra played as one of the side characters that was mentioned in the story, Aqila played as the Main character’s sister that was taken away from the villain, And  Luneta played as the villain and one of the side characters. Tarin was the camera man and the one who edited the video afterwards.

During our project, we needed to work on the script more than twice because we often didn’t have the materials mentioned in the script. There were times when all of us had troubles with the game that we recorded in; Some could not join others because their platforms were different, had troubles with choosing the right skin, and we kept getting interrupted during recording. However those problems were solved in no time and we could submit the project in time.

As we progressed through the project, we learned many things. Such as communicating with your teammates better and making new friends by working on things together. If you need help you can  let others be notified so you won’t put all the burdens to yourself. We worked on this project together by letting the leader gave us a task after we read the guidelines. Luneta worked on the script, Zahra, Aqila and Tarin worked on building the sculptures in the game that is in the video, Prima played a great role too in the video, as the Main character. This year’s pbl is different from last year because we didn’t have any major troubles during recording. We also finished the recording and voice lines faster than last year.

Please enjoy the video!

written by : Luneta, Prima, Tarin, Aqila, And Zahra

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