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MHIS Showcase

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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Hi everybody! This is group 4, we have Nabriez as leader, Hanif as co-leader, Kiran and Garsyad as our members. For this PBL project, we created vodcast. Frankly, a type of podcast containing full motion video. VOD, the first three letters of vodcast stands for “video on demand”. But when combined with a podcast subscription, it is better described as a vodcast. Nabriez assigned all tasks to each group member, Nabriez was in charge of writing the script, reviewing and making up a summary of learning objectives, the same goes for Hanif. He was in charge of script review and making up a summary of learning objectives, Garsyad helped make a music background and Kiran was in charge of doing script, summary of learning objectives and editing.

We’ve all seen a lot of guidelines about vodcasts, everyone has their own job to make their podcast easier and faster to complete. There was some miscommunication here and there but we got the job done in the end.

This is our fifth time doing PBL, just like last time it is stressful as always. Maybe if we were doing PBL a hundred times it would be less stressful by then? Anyway this time’s PBL is kind of different from the previous PBL. We learned how to manage our time better, and communicate well with each other too. The experience that we get from doing PBL is certainly a lesson that can be taken by us.

For students who will be doing similar projects in the future, we recommend finding a place that is comfortable to use and has a good internet connection so that when you start recording video, the results will be smooth. Unlike us, we have to redo and waste time offhandedly. We also recommend creating a schedule for completing each member’s tasks, recording, editing, and submitting. We wish you all the best when the time comes, we are sure the recommendations will come in handy in the future.

Don’t forget to stop by our podcast at the following link:

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Written by: Group 4

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