MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

PBL Group 1 Grade 10 – MHIS Showcase

Hello, this is group one of Grade 10’s PBL projects. Our team consists of Farrel, Malik, and Michelle. We decided to create a vodcast that is related to our current physics learning objectives in order for information to be easily digestible for our audience. Our vodcast covers a range of topics about atoms.

The first step that we did for this project was making a script, and even though we have already gathered the information beforehand, the construction of the script took a pretty long time to do.
The overall recording wasn’t that bad, however, because we only had to record once. Although the editing process did take some time to do since the recording was more than 15 minutes long, then the editor also encountered a major problem while sharing the final video, the process had to be cancelled and restarted a few times but in the end, it pulled through and was able to be submitted.

This project helped us recall a lot of the topics that we were currently learning because we discussed them, which helped us learn more effectively for this topic. We think that this was a good practical way to learn about something. As for recommendations to students who will do similar projects, we believe that it is most important to plan ahead. Procrastinating when a project is almost due is a student’s worst nightmare because you will need to rush to finish it right before the assignment is due. Anyways, that’s a wrap for our PBL project introduction, I hope you enjoy it!

Written by: Malik, Farrel, and Michelle


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