MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase


this is Group 2 of Grade 9A and let us introduce ourselves before we start talking about our project. 

Syafieq Kamil Hakim as the leader, Naura Fachira Az Zahra as the vice leader and other members are Hafiz Raihaqi Aksana and Muhammad Rayhan Pasha. For this PBL Project, our group decided to choose ‘vlog’  and Syafieq as the leader of the group, assigned all members with tasks.

What do our members do? Well the leader and vice leader assigned each member their own task such as Hafiz for making the background music of our video and Syafieq was assigned to edit the video. Zahra as vice leader helped Syafieq make the translation for the subtitle, and Rayhan did his part by doing research about some topic that we will deliver.

So what did we do in our vlog? Well it’s more of a commentary than a vlog because doing vlogs and travelling everywhere sounds like a ridiculous idea as the COVID-19 cases were at an all time high, so we decided to make some type of commentary video. 

When we are engaged in PBL, we often get the chance to work on collaborative projects, where we have to work interdependently to solve problems. Initially, this was really challenging because most of us hated group projects as a student. Some hated doing all the work and then watching everyone else get the credit. But then we realized something. Collaboration isn’t just a skill. It’s a discipline. It’s something that takes years of practice. So, we started to embed structures that would help guarantee that everyone participated in collaborative projects such as PBL. It didn’t work every time but slowly, we learned how to engage in meaningful collaboration.

There were a few challenges we had to overcome in the making of our project. First of all the very crunched up time period we were given to make our project, which gave a few of us a lot of stress. Second of all, some of our group mates were contributing less and were unmotivated in making this project. Our last problem we faced was how we were gonna make a video vlog in a pandemic. We then thought of an idea which made it plausible and that was to make an online talk show which had elements from vlogging. Regardless of all these inconveniences our group still managed to produce a solid project despite the obstacles blocking our way. 

This was our first PBL project which was a whole new experience and we were all quite surprised how it went. We went through quite a bit of ups and downs in the start but once we found our rhythm and how to manage our time  and communicate with each other we were then able to consistently produce progress into our project.

Written by: Syafieq, Zahra, Hafiz and Rayhan




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