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Let’s Have an Adventure in Cairo! (G7AG2) – MHIS Showcase

Let’s Have an Adventure in Cairo! (G7AG2)


Assalamualaikum Everyone!

This is group 2 from Grade 7A, we have Talitha as the leader, Raisha as the vice leader and other members are Razqa and Nayla. For this PBL Project, our group did Digital Short Story and Talitha as the leader of the group divided the task up to all members.

We decided to make it on BookCreator, it is about two teenagers (Faisal and Aiyla) who study in Cairo (Egypt) to get a Bachelor Degree, and there they will go on an adventure with their new friends. Talitha as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. 

First we read the guidelines then we divided the task. The first day we worked on PBL, we all discussed choosing what project we would work on, and after that we all agreed that we would choose the Digital Short Story. After we chose the project, we had to find out and think of an idea for a digital short story.  And we do group meetings through Google Meet. Discussion of the division of tasks for each member, discussed many things like characters, settings, storyline and many more. And for the week ahead, we’re all focused on the upcoming Mid-Test. 

After Mid-Test ended, we continued to work on PBL 2, we shared ideas with each other and teachers. And we finally managed to find a storyline for our project. 

As soon as we got our desired storyline. Nayla started working on writing the Digital Short Story until it’s finished, which Talitha remembers it took about 4-5 days. Talitha starts to ask for approvals as well as feedback from the teachers. After a while, Talitha, as the leader, worked on copy pasting the texts and designing the Digital Short Story on BookCreator. While Talitha is designing the book, Razqa starts to make the opening for the Summarizing Video until we have already included all of the important data to it. Not just that, we also add revisions in some parts since the teachers are giving us feedbacks.

This was our 2nd time doing the PBL. This month was different from the first PBL 1, because there are no Learning Objectives of Global Perspective and Music. Therefore, it feels like we can easily do and complete this project more easily. Furthermore, we all have got many thoughtful meanings (message) that we got from this project, one of them is team-work. If there is someone who picks the project, Digital Short Story, I suggest to think about the storyline first so it is going to be easier.

We have worked hard for this project, so I hope y’all will enjoy our Digital Short Story and Summarizing Video!

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabaratuh!

Written by: Group 2 (7A).

Don’t Forget to check our results! IT IS DOWN BELOW!!

Digital Short Story



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