MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

ISLAMIC FAIR 2021 – MHIS Showcase


Lower level Islamic fair in primary was held on Thursday, August 26th 2021 with the theme “ Being collaborative and productive to strengthen Islamic values during the pandemic”.  This year, lower level students start to make project based learning (PBL)  that is integrated with several subjects and the core subject for this month is PAIPB. The aim of PBL is to improve their critical thinking and also be more collaborative with their team. 

Some students in grade 1 came up with many ideas from the topic given such as: storytelling, song, diorama, role play and lego to make the PBL from the main topic.

Up next in grade 2 , their topic is asmaul husna (Al-khaliq, Al-quddus and As-salam).  They came up with vlog, experiment, role play etc. They integrated the main core subject with science, English even art.

The last is grade 3 students with the topic taking care of environment. Some of them made vlog about how to take care of plants.

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