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MHIS Showcase

Promoting Human Rights Awareness in Indonesia Through Information Text Projects – MHIS Showcase

Promoting Human Rights Awareness in Indonesia Through Information Text Projects

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

English Fair is marked as an important day for students to showcase their English skills. This year’s English Fair with the theme “THINK IT, SHARE IT, LET’S DO IT!” promoted an important aspect of learning through Project Based Learning. Focusing on an information text creation, the Grade 5 students were able to engage through a group project and produce a series of information texts in various forms of media.

Before the culmination day of English Fair 2021, the Grade 5 students were assigned to complete a project which required them to produce an information text. The project was a collaboration of a few subjects, such as English, Math and PPKN. The theme of the project was “Human Rights in Indonesia”. Each group put in a great deal of effort to plan and to design the information texts. The students engaged in group discussions, conducted online meetings, and studied the topic in order to best promote the Human Rights awareness. They creatively and eagerly explored the topic which later could be seen through the outputs. Since the creations were not limited to only one form of a text, the students were able to produce vlog, documentary, TV news report, podcast and animation.


Primary 5A – Group 5 Animation


Primary 5B – Group 1 Newscasting


Primary 5C – Group 4 Animation


The success of the projects did not only rely on students’ collaboration, but also an enormous support from the teachers who consistently motivate and guide the students throughout the process to achieve the objectives of Project Based Learning.  At the end, as what has always been expected, the students gained more confidence and developed deeper understanding about a text.

Watch the samples of projects from Grade 5 students below.


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