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Infographic (Group 2-PBL7-G10) – MHIS Showcase

Infographic (Group 2-PBL7-G10)

Assalamualaikum, hello everyone!

This is group 2, the members are Kalisya, Sasa, Rama, Yasfin, and Fatih. For this PBL, our group decided to make infographics. The theme of this project is ‘Human and Other Species’. 

At the beginning of our process, we read the guidelines and picked a project. Then we made a planner document in google docs. After about 2 days of organizing the planner, we constructed the reviewer. It’s basically a document where we put resources and information or notes that can be helpful when making the reviewer. Then we sent the reviewer to our global perspective teacher, ms Hanna, who directly approved our reviewer. That means we can continue to the next step, making the infographic. We were unsure at first, “should we make more than one infographic? What if the space is too small for all the pieces of information we want to display”. Yes, we directly ask our teacher, and she said we can make more than one infographic. And during the writing of this article, we have 2 more articles left to finish. Good time management is very needed when making projects, also communication. So friends, never let your friends work alone, never ignore your friends who are sharing their ideas or when they are speaking, because first, it’s not polite and can hurt people’s feelings, and second, it’ll ruin the mood of all members.

Click here to watch our summary video.
Click here to see our infographic.

Written by:

Kalisya Diandra Noktula 

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