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MHIS Showcase

Group 3 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8A – MHIS Showcase

Group 3 STEAM Fair Project Grade 8A

Hello to everyone who’s reading our article,

we are group 3, and our group decided to do comic book as our project for this year’s STEAM fair, we’ll start the introduction by the leader, I’m Jaezza as the leader, I’m Garsyad, I’m Hanif, and I’m Akmal.

So, our project is a short comic, a short comic about a man who’s hiking with having science and math in it, we have our MC name as Max, our story is really simple to understand, it’s just basically a man’s journey to a mountain by bringing a power bank made by himself, as we use that opportunity to connect it with science and math.

So we have 4 members and each of us has different roles for the group, I’m Jae as the Artist, we have Garsyad as the Story maker, we have Hanif as the Video editor, and we have Akmal as a researcher.

The process of this project was tough, the artist has been on a rough journey making the comic because his wifi was off, our editor is also tired because he needs to do the edit quickly by the deadline. So our project wasn’t really our best due to some technical problems.

We learnt a lot from this project, first of all about time management,  second about the circuits and bearings. I’m Jaezza, as the leader, I have many if’s for my drawing, I think if the teachers would let me do BNW style I think I would have more page and more story understanding for the reader. Our insights for future projects are to try to do our best and push forward the limits.

Written by Jaezza, Akmal, Hanif and Garsyad


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