MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Group 1/9A PBL 1 (Community Involvement) – MHIS Showcase

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Hi everyone!

This is group 1, we have Jihan as the leader, Lifi as the vice leader and other members are Athaya and Aqila. For this PBL 1 Project, our group made a poster and sharing nasi goreng to strangers we met on the street.bouncing putty egg custom youth nfl jersey pepe jeans outlet pepe jeans outlet pepe jeans outlet NFL College Jerseys jordan proto max 720 claudie pierlot outlet jordan max aura 4 nike air max 90 futura vanhunks kayak custom stitched nfl jersey inflatable kayak pepe jeans outlet black friday wig sale

Before we started to do our project, we did the planning, we discuss about the things we will do in this project. For making nasi goreng, we worked on it at Jihan’s house. Lifi, Aqila and Athaya were instructed to bring all the ingredients needed to make the nasi goreng. Some brought moles, plastics, spoons, crab stick and meatballs. After making the nasi goreng together, we then shared it to people we met on the street. After finishing our 1st project, we continue making our 2nd project, which is making a poster with the topic ‘hidup bertoleransi’ on canva. After we finished our poster on canva, we printed out the posters and gave them to all classes. Each class got one poster. best as we can.

For the slides presentation, Jihan worked for the majority of the part, although all the members took actions in doing the slides. We gather and discuss in order to accomplish the learning objectives. It consumes a lot of time and words to reach the final decisions and objectives but in the end, we succeeded in fulfilling the content.

While working on this project, we did not face any problems with the learning objectives that have been given. However, we found difficulties in time management, because we did the project exactly on the day before the deadline. Moreover, after we made the food, while sharing the food, some people are not willing to take our food. But, thankfully we can finish our project successfully.

Click here to check our slides presentation!

Written by: Jihan, Athaya, Lifi and Aqila


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