MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

G10 PBL 1 Group 3 – No. 4 Quality Education – MHIS Showcase

Hello, We are Group 3 from Grade 10. We have Lynette as the leader, Mikail as the vice leader and the other members are Khayla. For this PBL Project, our group did a short video. 

We decided to make a short video, it is about the importance of education to

Lynette, as our group leader, decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Lynette, herself is responsible for the voiceover for the questions and interviewing one of our interviews, while Mikail as the vice leader, edited the video and did the rest of the interview, while Khayla as a member is responsible for the voiceover for the video.

(Lynette is writing the article)

Firstly, we read the guidelines, and then we divided the tasks for each of our members. We decided to pick a short video because we think that is one of the best and easiest ways to inform people about our SDG which is Quality Education. We tried to solve the question which is “does education guarantee your success? And if so how can the quality of that education affect your future?”.

Mikail is editing the video

For some, this was our 1st time doing PBL and we really learned a lot from it such as it is important to communicate with your team and we’ve developed a lot of new skills like interviewing people and writing.

There were many difficult obstacles that we had

to overcome such as finding and fitting our SDG which is Quality Education.

interviewing people that were relevant to our project, and the equipment that we had to use for our project. Even so, we managed to push through and end up with a project that perfectly outlines the reason why the quality of education, while important, doesn’t guarantee you success but instead, education increases your chances of it.

This experience has impacted us positively with new knowledge and gave us new experiences that we can look at in the future, we also gained many new skills while also improving the skills we have already gained. Overall this PBL was an amazing experience that we enjoyed and can look back on in the future.

It’s my first time using SDG as my PBL project and it really becomes a challenge for us” –Lynette
2 Revisions totaling to 24 hours of editing” –Mikail
It’s my first time doing PBL” –Khayla

Comment your opinions and ideas about our PBL so we can improve in the future


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