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PBL Group 2 – Language Fair – Partnership for the goals – 17 – MHIS Showcase

PBL Group 2 – Language Fair – Partnership for the goals – 17

Hi everyone!

This is group 2, we have Danesh as the leader, Samantha as the vice leader and other members are Ghaisan and Sansan. For this PBL Project, our group did advertisement. and Danesh as the leader of the group divided the task to all members.
We decided to make an advertisement video, it’s based off of a lady named Lofi and her husband that sells dimsum near our school. Danesh as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member. Danesh as the leader was the one who helped Samantha on the script and storyboard, created the slides, and the main actor in the video. Samantha as the vice leader decided everyone’s tasks, submitted the script, storyboard, helped decorating the slides a bit, the one who wrote the article, and the camera woman. Ghaisan worked his part as the editor, side actor, helped decorate and create the slides, and helped implement ideas into the script and storyboard. Sansan was also the side actor, helped with the ideas, storyboard, the canva slide, and helped us get around places.

First we read the guidelines then we divide the task, we all first discussed and tried to do make up some decisions. Danesh and Samantha were the ones who did the PBL guidelines template, while Sansan and Ghaisan worked on trying to find ideas or references for the video on Youtube. After the PBL guidelines were completed, we all decided to work on the storyboard and the script all together. Our advisor, Mr Khaven helped us by giving us a few ideas of who we should advertise and interview. We tried searching for the lady for about 2 weeks but unfortunately failed since meeting her didn’t fit in our schedules. We then made a last and final decision by helping the nice lady named Lofi and her husband. The shooting took place last Wednesday, 30th of August. Danesh became the main actor and acted, as well as Sansan and Ghaisan and Samantha as the camera woman. After we finished recording, Ghaisan decided that he’ll be the one editing the video. We then all moved to making the canva together, whilst Ghaisan worked on the video.

This was our 1st time doing the project, it’s quite the experience for most of us. We learned and were instructed to create scripts, storyboards, recording, and editing. There are certain challenges that we faced, by our busy schedules, not being able to meet the first lady before. Though we did improved better in the positive sides, such as communicating, marketing, technology, and etc.

“It was definitely a first for me doing a project like this, but I had a really good time doing it with my group”, Danesh

“This PBL project reached my expectations, I enjoyed collaborating in the project, and it was fun to do”, Samantha

“Since it was my first PBL project so at first i was confused on what to do but as time pass i started to get the hang of it. it was fun and gave me alot of new experience “, Ghaisan

“It was my first PBL project and it was fun especially when we were recording a commercial video”, Sansan

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Written by: Danesh, Samantha, Ghaisan, and Sansan.

Discussing the project to the lady – first attempt

Planning the action plan and the story board ever since it got released.

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