MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Tips and Facts You Didn’t Know About! (G8AG2PBL5) – MHIS Showcase


Assalamualaikum Everyone!

We are group 2, we have Putra as the leader, Lifi, and other members are Alesha and Zhafran. For this PBL Project 5

                                              “We decided to make educational TikTok videos”

We didn’t actually divide our tasks other than Putra doing the editing, everyone did everything together so that we don’t have any  debates on how to do things related to this PBL. We started off slow for a couple of days in January. Afterthat, we just made our whatsapp group so we can communicate better. Until Jan 15 that we actually did make a progress. We first started the math planning, then the science planning. We made our math and science script when we were planning for science and then after that we made our 4 videos in 4 days, which means 1 video for one day. Finally, we did our editing and finishing touches and uploaded them to tiktok!

We were getting the hang of it in this PBL 5, it seemed so fast, quick, and easy this time doing our pbl. Though we did have a team where everybody knew each other since grade 1, so our communication was better. We didn’t actually met any big problems, only little like not knowing what to do but all that was solved by just asking a teacher (thank you Mr Zen). 

So without further ado, please enjoy our video!

we are also at TikTok! Follow us!

Music used in the Videos

written by: Putra, Lifi, Zhafran, Alesha


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