MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Exploring and Discovering Shapes and Sizes-Grade 2 English Fair – MHIS Showcase

Exploring and Discovering Shapes and Sizes-Grade 2 English Fair

The Grade 2 Lower Primary students of Mutiara Harapan Islamic School had experienced a great opportunity to explore, discover and present the different Shapes and Sizes using the English Language. This year’s English Fair was conducted in a more exciting way on November 1-3 with the theme, ‘Think it, Share it, Let’s do it!’.

The students had created their English PBL in collaboration with Maths  and Arts. The Project Based Learning (PBL) took a big part in students’ innovative ideas in making their projects.  The Grade 2 students made some fantastic 2D, 3D and 4D shapes with different sizes through, paper, digital drawing, cooking,  and more. The project offered the edge to develop a wide range of students’ skills.

The process of their projects took them two weeks to finish it. The Grade 2 students both onsite and online had faced some challenges in making their group projects as they must follow the COVID protocols by maintaining the social distancing and the availability of everyone onsite. Moreover, the online students could not meet personally as a group. However, all of these did not cease them to be successful on their projects because of their unstoppable ideas, creativity and unity as a group. Finally, the projects’ process and presentations became possible with the astounding help of our subject teachers and parents at home. Indeed, the ‘Teamwork makes the dream work!’.

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