MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Video Essay (G11G2PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Hello, everyone Assalamualaikum!

We are Group 2 from Grade 11, consisting of the members Risya as the leader, Michelle as the vice leader, and Farrel as our member. For this PBL project, we chose to do a video essay to incorporate the subjects involved. 

We decided to make a Video Essay which is filled with subjects from the Cambridge A-Level syllabus. The subjects included are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, and ICT. The video will include our explanation about the subjects using Google Slides.

We divided the project into three for each member to tackle. Risya did Chemistry and Math, Michelle did Physics and Lastly, Farrel did Biology as well as editing the video. The difficulties we faced in this PBL is incorporating the subjects in the slides, trying to give a detailed explanation relating to the theme, while also trying to make the video as short as possible.

Overall this project was great. We learned a lot of stuff related to movement from the different subjects. So that’s everything from our group. We hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any feedback or want to express your support, please leave a comment. Thank you!

Written by: Risya, Michelle, and Farrel.

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