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MHIS Showcase

PBL 2 Language fair Arabic group – MHIS Showcase

PBL 2 Language fair Arabic group

Assalamualaikum wr, wb.


Hi everyone!

This is the Arabic group from 7th grade. We have Fatir as our leader, Adrian as our vice leader and the other members are Aisha and Dio. For this Language fair we did calligraphy and Fatir, as the leader of the group, divided the task to all members.


We decided to make calligraphy, the theme of our calligraphy posters is family. Each member was assigned to make a calligraphy poster about family. Fatir and Dio made their posters about introductions in Arabic. While Aisha and Adrian made their posters something that ties to family. 


First, we read the guidelines, then we divided the task. Dio made his calligraphy poster about “ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎” which means “May peace be upon you”.

Here is Dio’s poster:

Fatir, on the other hand, made his poster about “كيف حالك”  which means “How are you?”.

Here is Fatir’s poster:

Aisha made her poster about “بيتي جنتي” which means “My home is my paradise”.

Below is Aisha’s poster:

Adrian made his poster about “بر الوالدين” which means “Being obedient/dutiful to one’s parents”. 

Below is Adrian’s poster: 

This was our second time doing PBL, but this one was a bit harder than last time because there was only 2 weeks before the deadline when the groups changed. In the end, we pulled through and did the project.

Here is our presentation on Language fair if you want to watch:

Written by: Aisha, Fatir, Adrian, and Dio.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr, wb.

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