MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

News Anchor (Group1-PBL7-G10) – MHIS Showcase

Hello everyone!

We are from Group 1, for this PBL Project our group decided to make a News Anchoring video talking about Human and other species. In our group we have Naura as the leader, Zaky as the vice leader, and the other members are Cecil and Fahri. 

Naura as the leader of our group decided on our roles and tasks for each member.

Job Distribution : 

  • Naura and Fahri will act as the newspersons in this project. Then, Fahri and Naura will provide some information related to animal abuse.
  • Cecil will act as the source person in this project. Cecil will act as the one of the animal owners who will explain the chronology of how she was able to find his animals that died due to abuse.
  • Zaky will act as the source person in this project. Zaky will act as the Founder of Animal Defender Indonesia (ADI). 

This is our 7th time working on this project. However, because we’ve done this type of project before. The process is made easier because we already know how the initial steps are.

So, in this project we will raise the issue of animal violence which is often underestimated by the community. We will mention how the community and law enforcement officers respond to this issue. We will also mention some of the existing laws in Indonesia relating to animal abuse. And we will also mention at what percentage of animal abuse in several countries, published by one of the organizations based in the United States.

Project Link :

Overall, the experience was quite fun. We got through it because every member could work together well and we could count on each other. We had fun doing this project and we hope that we can make even better projects in the future.

Please leave a like and comment on our video and see you in the next PBL. 

Thank you!

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