MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

Unoriginal SteamFair Acronym (G9AG1PBL5) – MHIS Showcase

Assalamualaikum Everyone!

We’re the first group from Grade 9A. Before we explain our process in making the project, let us introduce ourselves and the roles we had in the making of this project. First we have Syafieq as the Leader, Script Writer, Video Producer and Director, Akmal as the Vice Leader and this article’s writer, Hafiz, as a Member and the script writer, Vania as the Member and also the Script Writer, and at last but not least Farrel as a Member.

For this 5th generation of PBL, we’ve decided to choose News Anchoring. At the time we’re going to choose “Creating a Website” but we realized that it was already picked by the other group, since we were out of options and we chose News Anchoring.

We also had some challenges and problems to overcome, for example redoing some of the scripts because we were told to add some more things on the script even if we were almost done with the project, we also had some issues with the members for example not communicating with each other, etc.

The process of doing the PBL was kind of complicated, so first we would do the worksheet which is Mathematics and Science, we started with the Math worksheet and then the Science. We now have decided to split the roles for the video and finished the planning before we launched into writing our script and all of this takes place in a span of two or so weeks.

In everyone’s experience for this project, it personally felt better than the past PBL’s. It’s because all of us had already had the experience in making the PBL projects before, so that’s why it’s now much easier to do the Projects.

With all of that said, please enjoy our 5th Project Based Learning video!


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