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8A Wayang Play (Group 3) – MHIS Showcase

8A Wayang Play (Group 3)

Hi there!

This is group 3, we have Salma as the leader, LIfi as the vice leader and other members are Zhafran and Keihl. For this PBL Project, our group did a wayang play and Salma as the leader of the group divided the task up to all the members.

We decided to make a wayang play, based on the story ‘Mencari Taman’. This story contains 4 parts and each of us had some role in the play. Salma played as Kasih, Boneka, Kasimir and Matahari. Lifi did her part in Mama, Beruang, Petit lapin, and Kancil. Zhafran’s part is in playing as Papa, Jerapah, Kelinci and Bulan. There’s also Keihl who contributed as the narrator, Bangau and Bidadari.

Hope you enjoyed our wayang play!

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