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MHIS Showcase

Want to hear a story about what we did in a heavy project and watch a vlog? Come here! (7BG1) – MHIS Showcase

Want to hear a story about what we did in a heavy project and watch a vlog? Come here! (7BG1)

Hello everyone.
This article is made by Group 1. We have Zayan as the leader, Ara/Ameera as the vice leader, and other honorable members are Kyan and Alisa. For our PBL project, we made a vlog, that is driven by a fictional story/ a narrative. And Zayan, the group leader, divided tasks to other members.

For the vlog, as a group we all agreed on the project being a vlog, that is narrative-driven one, it was about a kid on his trip to a park, seeing a bunch of animals, and stuff, as this was a “living things in their environment” themed project.

Zayan, as the group leader, gave tasks to other members and gave them instructions and help if needed. He also wrote most of the planning, and regularly consulted with the team whenever he needed help, or when he needed to instruct his team members, and was the one who did most of the parts and edited the entire video. Ara, the vice leader, consulted with Zayan about the project itself, and also did some of the planning too. She also was tasked with doing the Science part, GP, and English. She also added the captions in the video. Kyan was the one who made the background music, heard throughout the video, and did the ICT part. He also contributed in Mandarin. Alisa made a few ideas for planning which most of them we kept, and she also did the Mandarin, English and P.E parts. 

So, we got started on the project, and then went on to do planning, which took a really long time because we have a lot of issues being creative, and lack of communication (and probably also procrastination). Zayan went and wrote most of the planning, and divided roles to others in the vlog. Kyan made background music and I told Ara she would do captions. then when filming started, we all gave parts, and a week to do all filming. We all recorded parts and was kinda stressed due to how rushy we’ll have to be during the filming part. And that’s why the vlog itself isn’t looking all that good. 

So we ended up with a… decent vlog, I guess. The video ended up being very long though, due to all the rush. Because as Blaise Pascal said: “If I had more time, I would’ve written a shorter letter.” There’s clear evidence of that, where it was 20 mins long because of the rush we had to go through during filming. This also shortened Zayan’s window to edit, and thus he had to stay up late to finish editing. 

So we learned a lot from this project, things like, how important teamwork is, how managing time is important, etc. This was our first time doing this sort of project, so we weren’t really sure what to do. Hopefully next year’s project, we can do better. To anyone that’s going to do a project similar to this, please try and communicate with your team as fast as possible. During the time period that you have to do this project, take initiative. Make sure you contact your team day by day (well maybe not that much, but you get my point), so you can finish the planning part as fast as possible. Unless you have that one smart kid that can magically turn your project no matter how bad it is to an A, don’t do everything at the last minute. You’ll thank me later. 

Alright, thank you to everyone reading this or actually paying attention to the article. I hope you have a nice day, and good luck on your studies, work or anything else you’re doing right now. And please if you may, comment on what we can do better, so we can take your comments as advice and guides on what we should aim for the next time we do this project.  And remember, the more you do, the more you get.

Written by: Zayan, Ara, Alisa, Kyan

Without further ado, here’s our video.


  • cool

  • ok cool

  • Good work kids, looking forward to see your next projects!

  • Muhammad Nuzulian / Reply

    Good Job Zayan and friend. Keep your spirit and creative

  • Love this vlog ❤️❤️❤️
    Good job Zayyan and friends 👍👍👍,
    Keep spirit Always
    BarokAllohu fiikum, GBU All.

    • Good Work Zayyan and team 👍👍👍 Succes 4 U ” Sayang Tante ” 💞

  • Muhammad Syauqi Labib / Reply

    Interesting Zayan! Good joob! very grateful to see this video. hopefully can see ur other brilliant projects

  • Mami Novi / Reply

    Good job!
    May the future belongs to those who have work and study with their beauty dreams…
    Love u the young generations of Islam, Zayyan and friends.

  • Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see you and your team with another project.

  • Yennie Kumalasari / Reply

    Good job guys…

  • Good job kids keep it up

  • Luki w hartono / Reply

    Interesting story and the story well delivered

  • Bella Wulandari / Reply

    Good work Zayan, Ara, Alisa, & Kyan! Keep up the team spirit and good luck on your next project.

  • Zhafira Al Khansa Nabila / Reply

    Awesome! Soo proud of you, Z!!! This video worth millions love! Keep up the good work! 😘💖💖

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