MHIS Showcase

MHIS Showcase

The Voices Behind The Scene (G9BG1) – MHIS Showcase


Hi folks! This is group 1 from 9B, we have Dafa as the leader, Riza as the vice leader and other members are Zahwa and Alea.

“We decided to make a video dubbing, it is about Spongebob going on Holiday.”

For this PBL Project, Dafa as the leader of the group divided the task to all members. All of us searched for spongebob scenes and did the script with the provisions of the part that has been divided. For the editing,  We trusted Dafa and Zahwa for it. For the dubbing part, all of us did it and tried our best to fit in.

In the moments of our project creation, we did face some difficulties. One of them was file corrupt, some of our clips were corrupted causing the clips to glitch and speed up. We also sometimes had problems communicating in the breakout room because of unstable connections causing some of us to disconnect. Our video also got copyright striked. It made our video can not be seen by other people. So we decided to upload internally into School G-Drive.

We managed to overcome the difficulties and finished our project promptly by managing our time, communicating, and contributing to each other.

Written by: Dafa & Zahwa


  • edwin kurniawan / Reply

    Educational video

  • For junior high school students, your project is a very good progress, keep learning and getting more creative. So proud all of you guys. Good job and well done.

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